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About Us

One thousand years had passed since Ciannachta's crossing of the mountains of Donegal and their rise to fame at Drumceat until the last O'Cahan Chief Domhnall Ballach O'Cahan viewed his ancient home, standing on the mount at Benbradagh looking out to the Roe, as he travelled to Dublin, to plead his cause against foreign Bishops.
The history of Ulster has long been a passion for me, and the opportunity to combine this with real research of my ancestors, provided the catalyst to bring together this web site. These gleamings of O'Cahan history bring once again alive things long forgotten, the pride of one's clan and country. The O'Cathains as a Sept have gone, and the place thereof knows them no more as such, but these pages thay are written are to bring to remembrance the past glories of the Tribe. The effort of this web site, firstly to seek to make a little clearer the background and history of the O'Kane name and its variations, and confederate clans,to trace the efforts of political and foreign invasion on the Sept, and to interest ordinary people the world over in their clan and family past.





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