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Donall Geimhleach O'Cahan

Donall Geimhleach O'Cahan

On the 21st of May 1642: Donall the son of Donagh Ballagh O'Cahan, arrived from Spain at Charlemont, where the General Sir Phelim O'Neill was "The young O'Cahan chief joined thw irish army of the Kilkenny Conferation. He collected a numerous host of his followers together and was speedily appointed lieutenant-general of the irish forces of the north, but his carreer was short. The circumstances of his death are.

May 4 1643: The soldiers of Tirconnell, consisting of 3000 men under arms, under the command of Sir Robert Stewart, arrived and plundered Clochar and then proceeded to Truagh. May 5, 5 of their horsemen went to lurgan. O'Kane happened to be in the area with 100 horse and 100 foot. Donall O'Kane went to reconnoitre the enemy and percieved the 5 horsemen near by. O'Kane charged his horse against them, but the horse fell under him death, O'Kane found it impossible to raise him on his feet. He was immediately taken prisoner. Sir Phelim O'Neill set off in pursuit, to rescue O'Kane, but in the meantime a scotch trooper put a bullet through O'Kanes head. He fell lifeless to the ground and they carried away his arms. SIr Phelim came to the body and had it interred in Armagh.

In Donall O'Cahan the race of the last Chief s of Limavady probably became extinct , and the Dungiven branch of the O'Kanes became the representatives of the name..





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