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Duncrun Abbey

O'Cahan Abbey

The ruins of the Duncrun Abbey built by the O'Cahans is situated on the west side of the high road through the parish of Magilligan . All that remains of the Abbey are the foundation of what is said to be the chapel, and the traces of the burial ground. The former gives the dimensions of the chapel to have been 35 feet long and 19 broad and the thickness of the wall 4 feet. There is at present a stone cross lying in the interior of the building. The abbey was called the throne of st Columba and in time became one of the richest in ulster. In the year 1203 it was plundered by Diarmitt Hua Lochluinn who, at the head of a party of foreigners, attempted to plunder Inishowen, clan owen attacked and killed Diarmitt with many of his party.





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