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Muirdelbaeth O'Cahan nicknamed "Delbaeth" or fire-starter

Muirdelbaeth O'Cahan was born in the year 1235 A.D. on his family's estates in County Derry, Ireland. The English were encroaching closer and closer during his youth, and Muirdelbaeth, like his family, were avidly opposed to the English colonization of Ireland.

Muirdelbaeth's youth was filled with weapons training, and the other pursuits of the warrior aristocracy, and by the age of fifteen, Muirdelbaeth was joining his father, uncles and brother on the battlefield against the clan's blood rivals "the McQuillans of Antrim". While fighting, Muirdelbaeth's propensity to use fire for burning villiages, and smoking out enemies earned him the nickname "Delbaeth" or fire-starter.

When he was eighteen, Brian O'Neill, King of Ulster withheld his tribute to the British Earldom of Ulster. Delbaeth, left with his father, uncles and Manus O'Cahan Ur-Righ of the O'Cahans to join Brian O'Neill's efforts.

Brian O'Neill joined forces with the O'Connors of Connacht and was proclaimed Ard Righ of the Irish in 1260 A.D. His forces marched to meet the English invaders at the battle of Downpatrick.

On that fateful day the Irish in all their splendored regalia met the English and their armored knights. The slaughter was incomprehensible. O'Neill and no less than 12 O'Cahan chieftains including Manus met their deaths that day. Delbaeth, severely wounded was kidnapped by bandits who intended to ransom him back to his family.

He wooed one of his female captors into his arms however, and together they killed her associates and fled to the land of the Dal Riata, where they joined a mercenary band.

After many defeats they parted ways with the Dal Riatan mercenaries and joined another band of mercenaries called The Order of the Raven where they have found companionship and honor among mercenaries





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