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Pride and Destruction

Rival Claimants

Thomas of Dungiven took charge of his clan at a particularly dangerous time. The MacQuillans of the Route had grown to maturity, and was soon to see the O'Cahans as one of the principal opponents to future expansion. With a volcano about to erupt on O'Cahans borders. O'Cahan was faced with serious problems within the Clan. This was in the form of a Clan fued, which resulted from the death of Thomas, with two O'Cahan lords proclaiming themselves "the O'Cahan". The claimants Godfrey, son of Godfrey and grandson of Sean, and the other John, son of Thomas. This John son of Thomas, was a warlike man who was supported by the O'Cahans of the Route and by the O'Dohertys. All O'Cahan conflicts tended to be reductible to struggle over land and cattle raids.

The Fued Continues

The year 1524 was to see bloodly fighting in the fueding O'Cahans with the death of prominent O'Cahans killed such as:

Cooey Ballagh (the freckled) son of Donnell the Cleric
Cooey, son of Brian Finn
Ferdorcha, son of Rory of the Route.

1525 was also to see more fueding with the death of the leading contender John son of Thomas, having been slaughtered on Lammas night, in a night raid by a party of his own sept in which a leader was the son of Rory of the Route and with a son of Godfrey O'Cahan.

Unfortunately for the O'Cahans the other contender Godfrey, son of Godfrey to the title "the O'Cahan" didnot fair much better, been killed in battle against the O'Neills.

With the death of both contenders, Godfrey, son of Donough "the Hospitable" O'Cahan was the obvious hier to the O'Cahan title. Unfortunately this Godfrey died on a raid into Glenconkeyne during the winter month of January, where he apparently perished throught the severity of the winter cold, as his corpse was found the following lent with no marks of weapon upon it. Godfrey's brother Manus O'Cahan was declared Chief, but for the O'Cahans five years of fueding had torn the Clan asunder both in man power and property destroyed.

With the new threat from the power hungry MacQuillans and the constant interference of the English in Ulster affairs the O'Cahans would need Clan unite to survive the coming storms.



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