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Shane Carragh O'Cahan

Shane Carragh O'Cahan

The death of Shane Carragh O'Cahan, brother of Sir Donal O'Cahan. Condemned to death has a traitor by the English to be hanged, drawn and quartered, due to his part in the O'Doherty rebellion. A story is told that this Shane when on the gallows was given religious instruction to prepare himself for his imminent demise by a monk. The monk had converted from the Roman faith in order to be spared a similar fate to O'Cahan. Shane Carragh O'Cahan was insulted to hear

The monk give instructions contrary to that form of religion which he knew the monk had professed in former times; he thrust him away from him and said that he deserved hanging for revolting from the Pope's religion: and so cast himself from the gallows and was hanged.

The Lord deputy Chichester described the manner of Shane Carragh's execution as a "kind of death seldom or never seen in these parts of Ulster, and that Shane is either to stupid by nature, or so tough or disposed by his priests, that he showed no remorse of conscience, or fear of death."




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