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Tullahoge 'Capital of Medieval Tyrone'

Inauguration Place

"Bivallate Rath and Inauguration Place, on a low hill (300'), in the townland of Ballymully Glebe, 2 miles SSE of Cookstown.

"Traditionally, the inauguration site of the O'Neills, and the capital of Mediaeval Tyronhe"

the rath is overgrown with trees. An unusual feature is the wide space between the 2 rings, some 60 ft. The overall diameter is about 270 ft. The inner enclosure is 105 ft. across, and its ring-bank rises 10 ft. above the surrounding fosse. The outer bank is 6 ft. high. The original entrance appears to have led straight in from the N. The 'inauguration chair' (stone of the kings), which stood inside the rath, was destroyed in 1602. It was reputed to have been blessed by St. Patrick, and the great Hughh O'Neill is said to have been the last installed on it. A map drawn by Richard Barthelet shortly after 1600 shows the broken chair outside the rath, consisting of a boulder framed by 3 slabs. The map also shown 2 thatched white-washed houses inside the rath, strongly suggesting that it was occupied in the early 17th century, though a survey made in 1622 states that there were 'no inhabitants.'





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